2024 Manifesto


The time has come to build a green future, restoring integrity, ending poverty and creating hope for the future.

Around the world millionaires are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer; the planet is getting hotter and the rights of ordinary people are abused.

The Green Party will inspire change.

A Vibrant Green Economy

We will

  •       Transition to a clean energy economy with enormous potential.
  •       Ensure exciting, skilled jobs in emerging technologies.
  •       Unleash investment the private sector through decisive leadership
  •       Revitalise our manufacturing industries here in the UK to secure supply chains.
Fairer, Greener Taxes
  •       Our tax system is unfair. The mega rich pay minimal tax, while struggling families pay the highest                        ever rates, with thresholds frozen for years to come.
  •       6 million are in extreme poverty while the obscenely rich get richer.
  •       Wealth is simply not trickling down.

We will

  •       Introduce a wealth tax on multi-millionaires,
  •       Bear down on tax evasion and offshore banking and
  •       Introduce a Universal Basic Income
  •       Ensure financial security for everyone.
Restore the NHS
  •       The NHS is on its knees and must be properly funded.
  •       Doctors and nurses must not be used as pawns in a fight against inflation that they didn’t cause.
  •       Social care is collapsing, putting unsustainable pressure on hospital beds.
  •       The Food Industry profits must pay for the obesity and Type 2 Diabetes they cause.


Warmer, Greener Homes

We will

  •       Win back local control from big developers.
  •       Build 100,000 new energy efficient council homes a year
  •       Incentivise landlords to insulate and maintain their properties
  •       Insulate over 1 million homes a year
  •       Apply rent controls so young people are no long trapped by excessive rents
  •       End ‘No fault’ evictions to give security to renting families.
Cheaper, Cleaner Energy

We will

  •       End artificially inflated prices
  •       Remove the barriers to Community Energy projects to put local people in control and keep the profits                 in the community
  •       Bring down prices by expanding the cheapest forms of renewable energy.
Young people Deserve Better
  •       Young people are getting a raw deal.
  •       Their schools are underfunded; they are burdened with massive student debt;
  •       They have to live with their parents for years or pay excessive rents which put home ownership out of                 reach.
  •       Then we saddle them with more debt every time tax cuts are offered as a short term inducement.
  •       It is time to pay them more respect!
Food & Farming Fairness
  •       Big supermarkets are squeezing farmers dry.
  •       Multi-national food companies make vast profits from feeding us unhealthy, highly processed food, crippling       the economy and the NHS.
  •       Our soil is degraded and our supply chains are vulnerable.
  •       We will work with farmers to build a healthy, sustainable, affordable food system.
Climate Crisis Action
  •       We have all felt the destructive effects of the Climate Crisis
  •       We have already reached 1.5 degrees of warming, with no reduction in emissions
  •       Farmers are struggling and food prices will rise as a result
  •       Our eco systems are in immediate danger from fires, floods and droughts
  •       We are the only party committed to courageous political action against the corporate greed that has brought       us to this point.
Net Zero is not the end of the race. It is the beginning.
  •       The start of the race your grandchildren must run to slowly remove trillions tonnes of GHG’s from our                  atmosphere and start to cool our overheated planet
  •       Until then, extreme weather events will be more dangerous and every year, costing the tax-payer £billions.
Clean, Efficient Transport


  • Improve public transport.

  • Encourage active travel.

  • Halt airport expansion.

  • Ban private jets.

  • Expand car charging networks.


It is time to stand up for our children and grandchildren. 

Vote for healthy, balanced, fair and harmonious lives on our beautiful planet.


Vote for Edward Gildea on July 4th
The Green Party Candidate for North West Essex



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