A Sustainable Green Local Plan

A plan for a district which guarantees a high quality of life and well-being: where residents are fairly and equitably treated with opportunities enabling all to live healthy and fulfilling lives. A plan for creating a district which is sustainable, resilient, ecologically diverse, and beautiful.

Our Green Plan will ensure that homes and communities and transport are sustainable and that residents have access to green spaces; that there will be community-owned renewable energy, a sound green economy and protection for our natural and built heritage.


Sustainable Homes

We will retrofit all older buildings with insulation, heat source pumps and solar panels.

    We will develop sustainable homes and communities which:

  • are in the right places and respect our natural and built heritage
  • meet local needs and are affordable market rate or social homes
  • are energy efficient
  • meet passiv or equivalent standards of insulation and use low carbon building materials
  • have renewable power systems such as solar panels and heat source pumps
  • provide access to green spaces, parks, and sports facilities close to residents’ homes


Community-owned Renewable Energy

We will set up community-owned renewable energy companies which:

  • provide affordable green energy for local residents
  • are sustainable
  • are developed by fitting solar panels on all available roofs, above car parks, in local neighbourhoods and on brownfield industrial and commercial sites


Sustainable Transport:

We will ensure that transport connecting towns, villages and new settlements is sustainable and:

  • improve public transport with a regular electric bus network
  • provide easy access to railway stations
  • set up car-sharing of private cars and taxis
  • provide safe walking and cycling networks

The Green Economy

We will support the growth of the green economy and:

  • encourage and support local green businesses
  • support the creation of new jobs in the local green economy
  • develop education and training opportunities and internships supported by grants for trainees


Our Natural World

We will protect and enhance our natural world and:

  • increase and protect wildlife habitats and corridors
  • establish and protect local nature reserves and natural green spaces including woods and country parks
  • protect our waterways and ensure sewage is not released into them




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